Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Right about now I'm wishing I held out for airconditioning

It's soooooo hot. I slept very badly last night because of the heat, it was worse today and it will be even worser (hee!) tomorrow, getting up to 38 degrees. What did I do to deserve this?

Well actually during the day as long as I'm at work it's not too bad because of the airconditioning and as long as I catch a new train and bus home with airconditioning that's ok too. We're also planning not to open the blinds tomorrow to cut down on the heat entering the house during the day and tonight we're trialling sleeping with a damp top sheet and the fan blowing on us to hope cool us down. Sounds pretty nasty but as I sit here at 10.40pm at night and it's still about 27 degrees it sounds like heaven.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We're back...

Finally after weeks of waiting we're back online and so much has gone on since I posted in October.
We went to visit our new kitten in Blacktown and on the way discovered Westies are the same wherever you go. We also finally came up with a name for the kitten, he's now Loki after the Norse trickster god. You can see the photos of our visit with him here. We get to take him home on the 25th November and we can't wait.

Also our furniture arrived. This was the cause of much jubilation and one the of the first things I did was connect up the washing machine and put on a load of washing then sink into the couch ahhhh! You don't realise how much you miss these creature comforts until you have to do without. I don't think I would have been a very good pioneer. Without my washing machine, a hot shower and the dishwasher I'm not a very happy camper. We still have a few boxes to unpack but most of the everyday stuff has been unpacked.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hello am still alive

should be online at home soon in next couple of days and will update them
Hen xxx