Friday, May 22, 2009

Makes for interesting supermarket conversations

bodily functions, that is, when you have a toddler.

I caught a poo in the potty last week but felt it was a bit of a fluke; combination of catching the elimination signs and a quick moving mama.
Since then we've been talking about poo and pee a lot and DS has been examining pooey nappies and often telling me he wants to sit on the potty without any success.

The conversations have been a bit like this
Jacob: poo
Mama: do you need to do a poo?
Jacob: no *shakes head*
Mama: have you done a poo in your nappy?
Jacob: *thoughtful pause* no
Jacob: daddy poo
Mama: daddy's done a poo?
Jacob: yes
*big grin*

cheeky monkey!

But this afternoon even while really sick with gastro he insisted he needed to do a poo quite tearfully and so I sat him on the potty. After a while I asked if he was finished "no" so I asked if he needed to do a poo "no" so then I asked him why he was sitting on the potty and he started peeing Shocked I nearly fell off the couch. Laughing

Poor little man he's so sick, he's just lying on the couch a real change from the usual nonstop motion. Crying or Very sad

Sunday, May 03, 2009

a taste of summer

I just made some delicious sweetcorn soup in about 10 minutes.

I brought to the boil 4 cups of vegetable stock (I would normally use chicken stock but my vegetarian sister staying with us)
I then added one cubed potato and boiled it for 5 minutes.
I added some frozen corn kernels and brought it back to the boil and let it boil for another 5 minutes before taking it off the heat and whizzing it up with my stick blender (carefully)
Once it was fairly smooth, I added a swirl of cream but it wasn't really necessary.

It was very moreish but needed salt and pepper. I didn't add this to the pot as I tend to heavily salt soup and decided to allow everyone to season to their own tastes