Monday, July 30, 2007

Last night of 29

As a family tradition my Mum used to take photos of us the night before our birthday. She has the cutest photo of me in my pjs, sitting up in bed, clutching Teddy on my last night of three. It's something I hope to do for my own kids and last week I made Luke take a photo of my last night of 29.
That's right folks I am officially 30. We didn't do much on my actual birthday as I had my first sewing night class but Luke made me breakfast in bed and then had flowers delivered to work so I was royally spoilt and of course I got my sewing machine we'd bought a few weeks earlier.

The next night we went out for dinner with friends to a restaurant called Thaitanic (groan) , the food was good and the company enjoyable.
Saturday we were checking in to a hotel for a night of luxury to celebrate my birthday. Saturday morning I decided to go to the doctor as I'd had athlete's foot for a few days and my toes had become unbearably itchy and red. After a 5 hour wait to see someone I left with a prescription. We made it to the hotel a little later than we'd wanted but proceeded to make the most of it.
We ordered room service, took baths, watched satellite tv and relaxed on the king sized bed.
During a lot of this I iced my foot as it was the only way to relieve the itching and it was swelling.

Anyway the next day after we checked out; we stopped off at RPA on the way home as my foot was getting worse. Luckily I am pregnant because Emergency were extremely busy and predicting an 8 hour wait but once they found out I was pregnant, they rang the labour ward and asked if they would see me. Labour and Delivery were quiet so were happy to look after me and I was dealt with in a couple of hours. I have some localised cellulitis in my foot so I am now resting at home, taking antibiotics and watching for any increase in redness. If it had been any worse I would have been admitted and given IV antibiotics so I am very glad we did something about it rather than waiting.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nursery in progress

We're slowly turning the study into a nursery. The computers and desks went downstairs into the open plan living area in May when my parents were here so they could help Luke schlep the heavy stuff down the stairs and the rocking chair I bought on ebay upstairs.
I cleared out the bookcase of all the non-baby books, redistributing them around the house and got Luke to move it across to the other side of the room so I could fill with all the children's books I've been given. He put together the change table I bought on ebay and the following weekend we bought a bassinet.
I could hardly wait to get it out of it's box , it's the one thing that really makes it feel like a nursery. We still need to buy a lamp and my father in law is making me a little table to go next to the rocking chair so I have somewhere to put my water, books and other paraphernalia but it does feel like the room where my baby will sleep.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Night Out

We went out for dinner last night to Bistrode in Surry Hills to celebrate Luke's new job. The food was very interesting, mostly things considered offal which gave us pause but turned out to be very tasty. I wasn't quite as brave as Luke mostly because I have to be careful about what I eat at the moment but I had a great dinner; choosing the smoked eel with a potato pancake and horseradish and the waygu corned beef with bubble and squeak. Luke had pig's head, black sausage and egg salad and cornfed chicken with sweetbreads, prawns and samphire (sea asparagus). He pronounced everything delicious. The maitre'd was very nice and served me sparkling water in a wine glass to go with Luke's glass of cuvee so we could toast his new job.

The baby's now a lot more active and the kicks can be seen from the outside of my belly. Unfortunately Luke's has yet to feel one yet as he doesn't have the patience to wait for a kick and every time he's tried to feel one, the baby won't cooperate. The photo is me at almost 22 weeks ready to go out for dinner.

Monday, July 02, 2007

What a silly galah!

I sometimes forget I live in Australia, so many things are similar to NZ, but it's mornings like this when I'm driving to work and I see a flock of galahs grazing in the park near home that I realise I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Sad result in the rugby too :-( it was a close game right up until the end. Go the ABs!