Friday, December 05, 2008

Prop 8 - the musical

This made me laugh so hard but it's also something I staunchly support.
I heart Neil Patrick Harris

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On the last day of November the power went kaput

I feel like I could sing my own version of the "12 days of Christmas" with all the calamities that we've had recently.

On Sunday while Luke was cleaning the stove it sparked and shorted out the power to the entire house. So we had to call the emergency electrician who replaced the melted main fuse. I then cooked dinner on the BBQ.

On Monday while in the midst of cooking dinner on the BBQ again Jacob locked me and Luke out of the house while he was inside. This was one of the most terrifying hours of my life while I calmly tried to get him to lift the deadbolt and watched him run round with a dinner knife he'd snatched off the table. Luke finally broke in and everyone was fine but we are going to be extra extra vigilant about carrying our keys. Of course the next morning the little monkey lifts the bolt without any encouragement.

On Tuesday the electrician fixed the stove so no more enforced cooking on the BBQ. But Jacob fell on the concrete outside and gave himself a blood nose and a fat lip :-(

On Wednesday nothing really happened yay!

On Thursday we woke up to discover our portable air-conditioner had leaked water on the carpet in our bedroom. Luckily friends had just returned our dehumidifier they had borrowed so we've been drying out the carpet. I then discovered we have a wasps nest outside under our eaves. Luke rang our real estate agent and must have put the hard word on getting it sorted because we have a young child as the exterminator rang me and is coming today and he also gave me advice as to first aid if Jacob was stung. LOL

So I hope today and the rest of year is event free

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

There's a tui and pohutakawa on my Christmas tree

and a Christmas jandal

I decorated the Christmas tree yesterday while Jacob was having his nap. You should have seen his eyes when he came downstairs to find this amazing tree covered in colourful decorations and surrounded with his playpen.
It's a huge temptation and I've found a few decorations in strange places that he's managed to snag off the bottom branches but there's nothing too breakable on there apart from the angel on the top. Luke lashed the playpen to the china cabinet last night and I've tied the whole thing to the banisters this morning as the playpen keeps moving :-)

The tui is a bird, native to New Zealand, it has beautiful iridescent black/green feathers and a tuft of white feathers at its throat so it was often called the parson bird. Pohutukawa is another New Zealand native, this time a tree. it's often called the New Zealand Christmas tree as it has beautiful red blossoms in December. Jandal is of course the New Zealand term for thongs or flip flops, whichever you call them.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Flickr mosaic meme

The Rules:
1. Answer each of the questions below using Flickr
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favourite photo into this site.
4. Then share with the world.

01. First Name - Heather
02. Favorite Food - Watermelon
03. Hometown - Auckland
04. Favorite Colour - Blue
05. Celebrity Crush - Gerard Butler
06. Favorite Drink - Gimlet
07. Dream Holiday - New York City
08. Favorite Dessert - Trifle
09. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up - a grandmother
10. What I Love Most In The World - Family
11. One Word That Describes Me - maternal
12. My Blogging Name - aussiehen (had to change this to aussie hen)

I thought the female-centric bird thing I've got going on in the last 4 photos was interesting

1. heather bokeh ..dedicated to dear Heather !, 2. watermelon_rd01, 3. Rangitoto @ Dawn, 4. I stand on the beach alone,and gaze at the misty blue... I wish I could pause this moment forever..., 5. Gerard Butler, 6. Cucumber Gimlet, 7. Daily Bugle aka Flatiron, 8. Spring Trifle, 9. 3 generations, 10. family love, 11. Maternal, 12. Hot Chook

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