Thursday, August 13, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week was celebrated 1st August - 7th August this year. The theme or topic was breastfeeding in an emergency which at a glance sounds strange or even humorous but when you consider how safe and convenient breastfeeding is and the disasters that have occurred in recent years it is an important issue.

You don't need to cart around bottles and cans of formula or worry about keeping them clean and dry. In an emergency situation, whether this be fire, flood or cyclone, finding fresh clean water is probably one of the most difficult and concerning problems. Finding boiled water is even harder, yet this is what is required to make up safe baby formula and then even more clean water is needed to wash and sterilise bottles.

It is a common problem in disaster areas for bottles and formula to be provided but no provision made for sterilisation or enough clean water.
Breastmilk is portable, clean, and always at the right temperature.

My local ABA group celebrated WBW with a morning tea at our playgroup morning. I made cupcakes and iced them as close to the ABA teal as I could get. Excuse the wonky lettering, it was just done with the corner snipped off a snaplock bag, in about 10 minutes.

Lovely surprise

Yesterday a delivery man unexpectedly knocked on my door with a big box.
In it was a fluffy white bathrobe, slippers and some Bio Oil so thanks Bio Oil and MotherInc for picking me as a winner in your June Mother's Day competition.
Here is Jacob modelling the bathrobe.