Saturday, June 16, 2007

baby belly

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Well as you can see I definitely have a belly now and in fact I can't wear any of my old trousers, I've had to move into maternity pants. Luckily I've found a pair of comfy jeans at Pumpkin Patch. We had our 18 week scan this Thursday and everything is fine. My placenta is lying in front so that explains why I haven't felt any movement yet. You can see how squished up he/she is with the leg and foot top left.
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Penny said...

WWWooohoo! Looking good girl! def. a baby in there - very cute :) Like I said b4, I had an anterior placenta both times and it does cut down the feelings of early movement. But don't worry... you will feel it soon. And later might drive you crazy when it bounces on your bladder ;- )