Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jacob has a bellybutton

Jacob's cord stump just fell off after teasing us for days. I was changing his nappy after a feed when I noticed it. I've just wrapped him him up like a spring roll and popped him back in bed and he might sleep for another 4 hours.
Some days he's so good and sleeps for these lovely long stretches at a time so I can sleep myself or actually do something that requires both hands. Some days like yesterday he will just not settle and I end up spending all afternoon rocking and soothing him. It's hard work and it can be frustrating but I wouldn't swap it for the highest paid job.


Penny said...

Awwww so sweet sleepy baby!

Afternoons were always the worst for us - especially when I wanted to make tea! Sometimes the sling helped but sometimes it didn't!!

yodaobi said...

What a beautiful boy. And such LONG fingers!!!
Don't worry babe. It takes quite a while for all of you to get into a routine. AND don't be squeemish about letting him cry if you need to get on with things like going to the toilet or getting something to eat.
I'm sure you are making FINE parents... It Does get better.

Then it gets a whole lot worse.
Like when he gets gastro and has to go to Starship due to dehydration.

BUT then it gets soooo much better because all he wants is his Momma and Daddy and you are this little guys WHOLE world.

Been a tough week so far for the McFadgens. Liam's slowly getting better. We had to invent games to get him to drink the tiniest amount of water!!!

At home with Daddy today. Lucky boy.

Mim said...

Hello :) I got sent your way by yodaobi.

That's a lovely photo, Jacob looks gorgeous.

Sleeping babies are the best thing ever. I used to just sit and watch mine when they slept during the day sometimes. Which is a terrible way to use that precious time! lol But good for the soul.

As for the endless rocking, when I got 2 kittens a few years back I'd find myself standing at the stove stirring the dinner with one of them in the crook of my arm and swaying back and forth....very disconcerting!