Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Mark 2

Well last week was a bit of a disaster as far as our menu went. Luke came home from the dentist with the news that he had broken his tooth, he had 4 other teeth also in danger and he needed to eat soft foods until his next appointment on Friday week (sigh)
So the Rosemary Lamb Skewers were definitely out. I also discovered that the Chicken Quesadillas was a bit too complicated with a grizzly baby. The movie on Wednesday was cancelled as the outdoor screen had been damaged and we went out on Saturday night to our favourite Japanese restaurant.
So here's hoping this week will be better

Monday - Homemade Lasagne served with a green salad
Tuesday - Dunsandel Store's Macaroni Cheese served with a green salad
Wednesday -Veal Cordon Bleu served with potato bake and a green salad
Thursday - Panfried Chicken Breasts with baked potatoes, mashed peas and a creamy mushroom sauce
Friday - Tuna and Risoni salad served with herb bread rolls
Saturday - Jacob 3 months! - American meatloaf sandwiches and icecream sandwiches
Sunday - Massaman Beef Curry served with jasmine rice and stirfried green beans

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Penny said...

Ah well- plans are made to be flexible hey? This weeks sounds good too. :)

I must do mine... been a bit busy to blog because I've started on the bathroom painting job.