Monday, February 04, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well last week went well although we did succumb to takeaways on Friday night, I was exhausted and even though I'd spent the whole day at home and we were having a very easy salad I just couldn't do it, so we had pizza instead.
We resurrected the tuna salad for Sunday night and we're having the Massaman curry on Thursday as my father in law is coming to dinner Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully he will enjoy it.

- Greek Chicken Pasta served with a green salad
Tuesday - Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day - Egg & Ham Crepes with Gruyere served with a green salad
Wednesday -Ash Wednesday - Fish Burgers with salad
Thursday - Massaman Beef Curry served with jasmine rice and stirfried green beans
Friday - Felafel with pita bread, hummus, relish, yoghurt and salad
Saturday - Rosemary Lamb skewers with spiced yoghurt, couscous and salad
Sunday - Quick Chicken Florentine served with baked potatoes and salad

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Penny said...

hmmmm pancake day eh? Might have to make them for brekkie....