Friday, January 16, 2009

Puck's Adventure

Puck's our younger Siamese cat. He's almost 18 months old and is a Seal Point meaning that his points (legs, ears, tail and the mask on his face) are a dark brown and his coat is beige. He has bright blue eyes and is very curious.

Last night after 35 degree heat, a cool change came through in the early evening. I opened up all the windows upstairs and shut Loki and Puck in the guest room, which has screens, so I could open the ranch sliders downstairs. Loki and Puck are indoor cats but at any opportunity they like to explore outside.

Just before dinner the oven tripped the circuit breaker on the complex circuit board. An emergency electrician wasn't able to come until the next morning so we were stuck without power. Luckily I had just finished cooking so I got out all the candles, we all ate by the fading daylight and Luke took Jacob upstairs for a shower while there was still hot water. While he was up there I shut the ranch sliders and let the cats out as they were now pitifully meowing. I also opened up all the doors upstairs to get air moving. I forgot that one of the windows in our room hasn't got a screen on it.

Luke dried Jacob, dressed him in a singlet and nappy and put him in his sleeping bag. He read him a story or rather recited him "Kisses for Daddy" and then I took over to feed Jacob to sleep. Luke went downstairs to take out Jacob's dirty nappy and I started hearing this strange noise. It sounded like the ranch slider opening but that there was something terribly wrong with it. It happened again and again and I was wondering what on earth Luke was doing when I heard a very sad and scared meow.

Suddenly everything clicked, I put Jacob on the floor, ran through to our room and looked out the window. There was Puck out the window on the roof over our terrace. He was almost in the gutter and the noise I had been hearing was him trying to climb up the roof and sliding back down. I yelled for Luke, he ran upstairs and climbed out the window. He grabbed Puck by the scruff of his neck and hoisted him up to me and then climbed back in the window. Puck was very sorry for himself and to make matters worse very time he'd slid back down he'd been poked in the bottom by our overgrown bougainvillea.

After Jacob went to sleep, Luke and I read by candlelight. Puck is over his little adventure but hopefully he won't be quite so keen on outside. We now have power restored but the oven needs to be checked over.
I'll post some photos of the cats at another time. We have almost used up our data allowance this month so no more down or uploading for a little while. But you can check out early photos of Puck here and here


yodaobi said...

It's so funny I got an email from another friend today with pet adventures that kept her house up most of the night and I am now really glad I have no pets.

I get my dog and kitty cuddles via family member's pets.

Just in case you missed it I have given you the letter M to work on for the letter meme.

Mim said...

In the first place Adam and I lived after we were married we had an illicit cat named James, we were renting and weren't allowed pets, so he was allowed outside.

We lived in the ground floor unit with our balcony next to and slightly raised above the front entry to the block. James was able to jump down from the balcony but couldn't get back up again.

If he managed to get into the building's stairwell and the window on the landing above our unit was open he would climb out onto the window sill and jump, not down to our balcony but up to the one above. Idiot cat. I figure he had it in his head that he'd jumped down to leave so he must need to go up to get home.

Our upstairs neighbours were often not home so to rescue him from the balcony we would get the ironing board, lean out the stairwell window, prop it up on the balcony edge and stand there holding the board and begging him to climb down and back through the window. I'm sure we must have looked completely crazy!

aussiehen said...

LOL Mimbles
The things we do for our cats.
As a child I remember my Mum holding up a large box to the hole in the ceiling and calling kitty kitty as my cat Jack had got into the roof through the attic, would not go back the way he'd come and would not jump down but sat there wailing.

Penny said...

Ack! I'm glad he was rescued, sore botty and all ;)

angel gurl said...

awwww poor Puck, at least this tale had a happy ending. I look dforward to getting to know you more through Penny's blog book circle.