Saturday, April 25, 2009

at the going down of the sun and in the morning

We went to the ANZAC dawn service this morning. It was a surreal experience getting up at 2.15am (yes you read that right) to catch the train at 3.11am.
There were not many on the train but by the time the service started at 4.30am, Martin Place was packed.

Jacob was very good but after about an hour of standing around he was pretty restless so Luke took him off to find some food. They then spent the next hour looking at shoes (his current obsession) and riding the escalators up and down.

I enjoyed the service, loudly sang the New Zealand national anthem and even knew most of the words to the Australian anthem.

I met up with my boys and we caught the train home. I caught sight of the sun rising as we sped away from the city and my son fell asleep on my lap.

Photo; Martin Place Dawn Service 2008


Penny said...

that was nice they sang both anthems.

Mel said...

I also know someone who got up at 2.30am in Wellington to attend (a friend of Miss 14's who is in the Cadet Corps - she attended not one but 6 ANZAC services). Good on you.