Friday, May 22, 2009

Makes for interesting supermarket conversations

bodily functions, that is, when you have a toddler.

I caught a poo in the potty last week but felt it was a bit of a fluke; combination of catching the elimination signs and a quick moving mama.
Since then we've been talking about poo and pee a lot and DS has been examining pooey nappies and often telling me he wants to sit on the potty without any success.

The conversations have been a bit like this
Jacob: poo
Mama: do you need to do a poo?
Jacob: no *shakes head*
Mama: have you done a poo in your nappy?
Jacob: *thoughtful pause* no
Jacob: daddy poo
Mama: daddy's done a poo?
Jacob: yes
*big grin*

cheeky monkey!

But this afternoon even while really sick with gastro he insisted he needed to do a poo quite tearfully and so I sat him on the potty. After a while I asked if he was finished "no" so I asked if he needed to do a poo "no" so then I asked him why he was sitting on the potty and he started peeing Shocked I nearly fell off the couch. Laughing

Poor little man he's so sick, he's just lying on the couch a real change from the usual nonstop motion. Crying or Very sad

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Penny said...

Heh heh :) Once you have kids you never have to visit the loo by yourself, there are always avid observers to cheer you on. And Lydia will offer to wipe for you.

Hope he's feeling better soon poor man.