Monday, August 13, 2007

Uncooperative baby

We went for a 4D ultrasound on Saturday before dropping Mum at the airport however the baby refused to cooperate. He was lying with his face turned towards my back and his hands and feet up there too. We jiggled him, I went and peed and the sonographer even rolled a cold can across my tummy (Brrrrrr) with no luck.
We were trying for a profile shot to get a look at his little face. So we rescheduled the ultrasound for another two weeks.
It was a shame we couldn't get a good look at his face while Mum was there but we did see the head and the heart in 2D and get a confirmation that he's a boy! Note the masculine pronouns ;-)
This is me at 26 weeks - I'm huge!

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Penny said...

Woohoo! I knew you were having a boy! At least I was pretty confident! ;) It's that super planning you know - hee hee!

Hope he co-operates next time for you.