Saturday, September 01, 2007

3D baby

We went last weekend for our 4D ultrasound. I'd had a breakfast of pancakes, orange juice and a hot chocolate so the little one was like a 'frog in a sock'in my belly. We didn't have to wait long and within minutes were looking at the profile of our beautiful baby boy watching him yawn, blow kisses, rub his little face and stick his fingers in his mouth.

I don't think it was as clear as it could have been, a mix of less quality technology and the fact my placenta is lying in front meaning that the ultrasound was often bouncing off the placenta and shadowing the baby's head. But we did get some amazing images and again a real sense of connection with our unborn boy.

We went out for dinner that night to a local restaurant just short walk up the road. I had to send my trout back to be cooked a little more as I'm not supposed to eat raw fish while pregnant but the maitre'd was very obliging. Later when he came back to check on us Luke was very lovingly rubbing my belly, a surprising show of affection for my bump. It turned out he had a 10 month old son so probably understood the trials of dining with a pregnant woman. We had a great night and it was lovely to be able to stroll home in the balmy night air.

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Penny said...

I think he's very cute tucked in there with his finger in his mouth. :)