Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Menu Plan Tuesday seems to be norm here

These are photos of Jacob's first swim in our local pool and then him exhausted afterwards.

sigh I miss my Mum. She's just spent a week here and made my life so easy, she took care of all the washing and the dishes, did some gardening and all Luke's ironing and now here I am sitting in my pjs at midday waiting for my boy to wake up from his nap so I can shower him. I'm so unorganised but in my defence I'm getting over a cold and was up twice in the night coughing so I'm not feeling my best.

We've resolved to have at least one vegetarian meal a week hopefully to save a bit of money but also to be healthy. So last night we had Vegetable Pie - made with a rice crust, sautéed curried veges and a cheese sauce. The pie was made with me carrying Jacob in his sling - not the best way to cook but the best way to keep him quiet and I think it tired him out so much watching everything I was doing that after a snack of breastmilk he had an afternoon nap something that's quite rare over here.
I did wonder as I made the roux for the cheese sauce if it might not influence his career choice that I made the sauce from scratch with butter, mustard powder, flour, milk and grated cheese, not from a packet as I imagine a lot of others might do. Will my little boy turn out to be a chef, food critic, vintner, or hotelier? Do the things I do with him determine his path in life? But then I think that my mother also cooks things from scratch so to speak, taught me to make scrambled eggs when I was 4 and while I love food, consider myself a good cook and read and write about food I'm a librarian not a chef. So maybe all I'm teaching my boy is a love of food and the ability to care for himself, both important things.

Tonight it's Japanese grilled chicken with rice and stir-fried veges and tomorrow veal with tomatoes and olives served with herb rolls and a green salad. Past that I'm not sure but hopefully friends will be visiting for dinner on Saturday night and if so I've planned to have bbq ribs


Penny said...

My menu plan went out the window this week.. yours sounds good. We try and do one vego meal a week too. It's worked so far, even for rabid carnivore Mr Dugmore.

Tim used to love to watch too. I (very bad mum) used to sit him on the bench when he was 2 or so. Before that I'd have him in the high chair or sling or in the back pack. I think they like to know what you're spending so much time on. Once Tim was bigger I'd tell him what I was doing, let him smell spices etc.

I'm a make it from scratch person too as you know. I like the process but also I like to know what goes into my food. My mum didn't like cooking much, Dad is the one who enjoys doing "different" things. But food is always a big topic in our house. I think that will probably rub off onto our kids.

yodaobi said...

We are doing something a bit similar I'm trying to have at least one meal a week from JUST fresh food. No pre packaged or shop bought stuff.
Not RADICAL but pretty good idea for a working mum. Made a nice Roast Pork last night Everything was fresh (meat, beans, corn, spuds, broccoli) except the apple sauce (MMMM)
YAY swimming
Will loves the water too.

Mim said...

I haven't had a menu plan for the last couple of weeks and it hasn't been good. I lost all motivation to cook or even shop so we've been having some pretty ordinary meals as well as hitting the takeaway and eating out. Must get back into the planning again next week.