Thursday, March 27, 2008

Whoops Menu Plan Thursday?

Well Easter has screwed me up, I keep thinking it's much earlier in the week than it is. We're doing really well with our meals though, I think the last time we had takeaways was when my Mum was here.
We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and had a lovely meal of barbecued ribs, baked potatoes, coleslaw and green salad. I also served pastizzis (Maltese spinach and ricotta pastries) with drinks and a lemon frozen pudding for dessert. We finished the evening with cheese, muscatel grapes, some divine blood plum paste and Muscat liquer and a good time was had by all. They have a little girl about two weeks older than Jacob and they were very cute together.

I roasted a leg of lamb for dinner Easter Sunday and then on Tuesday we had the leftover lamb in a white sauce with onions and mushrooms, very interesting. Monday we had veal cordon bleu from the freezer and Wednesday we had penne boscaiola, or at least my version of it. Tonight we had Tuna and Risoni Salad with a crusty loaf that I got free from Baker's Delight with my loyalty card. This is one of my favourite meals as it makes me feel very virtuous and healthy although the ricotta on the top of the salad probably detracts from this.

Tomorrow night it's frozen Swedish meatballs from IKEA and I'll try to remember the lingonberry sauce this time and Saturday we're having Beef and Haloumi Skewers with caper butter. Sunday we're having a Bacon, Leek and Potato Tart made using a frozen pie shell as I really don't have a hand for pastry.

We're going to the Easter Show this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. It's supposed to be amazing here and I'm particularly looking forward to the traditional events like the best sponge cake.
Jacob's just amazing, I had the new carseat installed in the car today and he looks so grown up. He now is rolling on to his front a lot and occasionally rolling from his front to his back which is a lot harder but usually he just yells for Mum to roll him back. He also is think about moving forward once he gets on to his front but not too inspired yet although I think it might be the cats that get him moving, he's very interested in them especially Puck.


Penny said...

It all sounds good :) How was the show?

Go Jacob! Yep, kitties won't know what's hit them when he gets on the move.

Mim said...

We haven't been to the Easter Show in years, not since the year we spent the entire time we were there being nagged by the kids about the buying of showbags and arguing about what we were going to see. I was traumatised and haven't been game to try again!

Maybe next year...