Monday, July 14, 2008

Expecting the return

I have just ordered myself a new mooncup apparently you need a bigger size if you have given birth or you're over 30 years how depressing is that? While my period still hasn't returned due to Jacob breastfeeding, the number of times he is feeding is getting less so it may not be long before I need it.

So because of this I have a discount code for three friends - if you want this please leave a comment.

If you're a bit dubious or squeamish please be reassured that with a bit of practice it's extremely easy to use a mooncup. It's much much cheaper than using tampons and it feels much healthier and cleaner too.

edited to add: all the discount codes were taken, please don't comment asking for one.


Mim said...

Yes please. I've been thinking about trying one of those for a while now.

Mim said...

aaaaand an email addy might be useful hey?

mimbles2 AT gmail DOT com

Penny said...

As ya know I have ze Mooncup already. An excellent device.

Want me to send folks your way for the code?

yodaobi said...

Been meaning to get me another too!

Haven't used one since William and the botched OP.
AND I kinda lost my other one. (Probably in a box somewhere...)
OH that came out wrong

I stop typing now!

MariaSemBolacha said...

Can I still ask for the discount code?? I'm thinking of purchasing one.. :)

aussiehen said...

Sorry they were all taken :-(
I highly recommend them though

Aran said...

Hi! I'm from Spain and here they're more expensive. I'd like to buy one in the mooncup web so please, Could you send me the discount code? Thank you.