Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Or rather we went on Sunday. Luke gave me a Zoofriends membership for my birthday so Jacob and I can go whenever we want. Also it can be used at the Melbourne Zoo which will be very useful in September when we take a trip there.

From the ferry on the way there

An elephant, I'm not sure who.

A Fennec Fox

A Meercat enjoying the heat lamp

A baby hippo

An Ibex (I think)Jacob Brown, a longbeaked Corella

A Wedge Tailed Eagle

The city from the Zoo. Notice the dark clouds; stormed not long after this and we had to wait on the dock for the ferry during the thunder and lightening, luckily under cover.


Mim said...

I love the zoo :) You got some great photos, the one of the Fennec Fox makes me jealous, they're ALWAYS hiding in the back of the cage when I go.

The bird show is my most favourite bit of the zoo, Slammer the buzzard in particular. We've sat at the bird show watching storm clouds approach and being torn between sticking it out for the end of the show and running from the imminent downpour before. I think we ended up getting rained on LOL

yodaobi said...

Baby Hippo!!!

Liam and I went to the Zoo last Monday and the hippos were wallowing in the mud. It was really cool to watch them gingerly move through the mud, testing each step.

Penny said...

The zoo is great. Melbourne zoo is nice too - the butterfly house is very cool (but not in terms of temperature). I'm hoping to get the kids an annual pass too so Mum can pop over if she feels like Tim needs a break.