Tuesday, December 02, 2008

There's a tui and pohutakawa on my Christmas tree

and a Christmas jandal

I decorated the Christmas tree yesterday while Jacob was having his nap. You should have seen his eyes when he came downstairs to find this amazing tree covered in colourful decorations and surrounded with his playpen.
It's a huge temptation and I've found a few decorations in strange places that he's managed to snag off the bottom branches but there's nothing too breakable on there apart from the angel on the top. Luke lashed the playpen to the china cabinet last night and I've tied the whole thing to the banisters this morning as the playpen keeps moving :-)

The tui is a bird, native to New Zealand, it has beautiful iridescent black/green feathers and a tuft of white feathers at its throat so it was often called the parson bird. Pohutukawa is another New Zealand native, this time a tree. it's often called the New Zealand Christmas tree as it has beautiful red blossoms in December. Jandal is of course the New Zealand term for thongs or flip flops, whichever you call them.


emma.mcfadgen said...

I didn't do a tree last year
Too much risk of being destroyanated by William the bloody!
we are putting ours up in our bedroom
a- more room
b- out of the way of little hands
c- our bedroom is at the front of the house and will look pretty from the street.

Penny said...

Very lovely!! Where did you get those ones? All you need now is a pukeko ;)

I'm hoping to put ours up next week. Our summer bible study is at our house so it can't take up space in the lounge... but next week should be the last one until after the Christmas/New Year break.