Friday, December 05, 2008

On the last day of November the power went kaput

I feel like I could sing my own version of the "12 days of Christmas" with all the calamities that we've had recently.

On Sunday while Luke was cleaning the stove it sparked and shorted out the power to the entire house. So we had to call the emergency electrician who replaced the melted main fuse. I then cooked dinner on the BBQ.

On Monday while in the midst of cooking dinner on the BBQ again Jacob locked me and Luke out of the house while he was inside. This was one of the most terrifying hours of my life while I calmly tried to get him to lift the deadbolt and watched him run round with a dinner knife he'd snatched off the table. Luke finally broke in and everyone was fine but we are going to be extra extra vigilant about carrying our keys. Of course the next morning the little monkey lifts the bolt without any encouragement.

On Tuesday the electrician fixed the stove so no more enforced cooking on the BBQ. But Jacob fell on the concrete outside and gave himself a blood nose and a fat lip :-(

On Wednesday nothing really happened yay!

On Thursday we woke up to discover our portable air-conditioner had leaked water on the carpet in our bedroom. Luckily friends had just returned our dehumidifier they had borrowed so we've been drying out the carpet. I then discovered we have a wasps nest outside under our eaves. Luke rang our real estate agent and must have put the hard word on getting it sorted because we have a young child as the exterminator rang me and is coming today and he also gave me advice as to first aid if Jacob was stung. LOL

So I hope today and the rest of year is event free


Penny said...


No more of the above events please ;-)

Tim locked me out of the house once. Fortunately he was old enough to turn the key for me again.

yodaobi said...

I've always had a fear of being locked out so I'm having a key cut and hidden in under the house somewhere.

Please don't self destruct before Christmas!