Monday, July 27, 2009

A big transition

On Friday night after some some discussion over the dinner table, it was decided that the time had come to convert Jacob's cot into a toddler bed. He had been attempting to scale the side any time it was lowered and Luke had caught him trying to scale it when it was not lowered!

We decided to do right there and then so Luke and I went upstairs to take off the sides and put on the two bars that turned it into a bed. It looked very grown up for our little boy but he was very excited about it. The other thing was he would no longer sleep in his sleeping bag so he would have to learn about sheets and blankets and how to mange the covers.

This all changed when it came time to actually go to sleep and he tearfully told Luke that it wasn't "his bed". We had little fingers creeping under the door, banging on the door with 2 hands, shouting and crying but eventually he calmed down in Luke's arms and went to sleep in his own bed. That night he woke up at 3am cold and unable to get back under the covers but went back to sleep as soon as Luke re-covered him. Then he woke at 5am because of "the birds" so I brought him back to our bed where he went back to sleep for another 1.5 hours.

Since then he has been going to sleep quickly and mostly staying asleep the whole night. Nap time is a little more challenging but I discovered I can fold myself into his bed to give him "na-nas" which is a nice way to go to sleep after a hard morning playing.


Penny said...

I'm glad it's sorting itself out - bit of an adjustment for everyone eh?

yodaobi said...

I don't remember the transition... I think I did it quite early on because mum told me about a wee boy breaking his collar bone climbing out of his cot.
Lia'ms pretty good going to bed at nights ALTHOUGH I did find him wandering the hall this morning at 1.30!?!

suzannah said...

aw, what a sweetheart.

dylan's poppy is making her a "big girl bed" that we've been talking up. she hasn't climbed out yet, so we've got some time in the crib...for now:)