Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Solids

First taste of rice cereal

I help

Not quite as tasty as I first thought

Jacob had his first taste of solids on Sunday and he's doing well. He loooves pumpkin and sometimes lunges at the spoon when eating it. So far he's tried apple, pumpkin, peach, and rice cereal and today we're going to give carrot a go.


Mim said...

Aha, now the fun starts! :)

Is it bad that my 3rd kid's first non-breastmilk taste was maple syrup?

yodaobi said...

MIM made me laugh!

William had some really interesting first tastes, he LOVED everything.

Pumpkin was one of his faves but he went off it. Dosen't eat it unless it's mixed with other stuff (who does that sound like???)

OH NO!!!

Penny said...

LOL at Mim!

He does look a little thoughtful about that taste! Has he tried avocado? Both mine loved that and still do.

It's so much fun to see them trying new things.