Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Menu Plan Tuesday

Sigh I was trying to post this yesterday afternoon but life got in the way.
Things got a bit turned around last week and I ended swapping meals around to different days. Tuesday night we actually went out to our local RSL for dinner and Sunday night I had a terrible headache and slept for a couple of hours so we had takeaways. We didn't have the felafel or the cottage pie. So here's this week

Monday - Felafel with pita, hummus, yoghurt, relish and salad (this, as always, was yummy)
Tuesday - Dunsandel Store's Macaroni Cheese
Wednesday - Chickpea Curry with fragrant rice, peas, naan bread, and gulab jamun

On Thursday we're flying to Brisbane to spend 5 days with my in-laws so I don't have to plan the rest of the week - Yay! I'll make the Cottage Pie on Monday when we get back and that will probably yield enough for dinner that night, another meal which I'll pop in the freezer and maybe even lunch for Luke the next day.

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Penny said...

Ooo new banner! Cool :)

It looks yum. I swap meals around sometimes too. But at least by planning ahead I have the stuff and don't have to think about what to have for dinner at 4pm every day.

Have a lovely holiday! We're heading down to Turangi on Saturday for a week.