Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You've come a long way baby

I watched the first video I shot of Jacob rolling last night and was just amazed at the difference in the past few months. He now confidently and quickly rolls from back to front and front to back and is now rolling across the floor to his destinations. It's not the most accurate way to travel and he's often frustrated but he's also very very close to commando crawling.

The video is so dark but I can't find a way to lighten it, way beyond my IT skills


Penny said...

Oh yes - he's gong to be crawling one way or the other very soon :) Go Jacob! It's so neat to see them progress like this, and even though they do get frustrated it's amazing how much happier they are when they can propel themselves to items of interest.

yodaobi said...

Looks like he has the hang of moving his wee body. Have you put him on grass yet? A whole new adventure of texture and smell.

I've chucked a HEAP of new pix in facebook but still haven't bothered updating my blog... What's the point? nothing's changed

Hope to catch up soon. I've got a box of clothes to send, will do on Monday or Tuesday...

Love ya