Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ta da!

Please excuse the terrible quality of this. Why is it I always take videos of my progeny at night when the lighting is poor?
Anyway this is Jacob getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. He's so almost crawling I bet he can taste it.
Notice how the cat runs past to entice him too. Also that sound just before the cat's entrance is not thunder but the cats rumpusing upstairs.
Also Jacob is shouting - he's grumpy, this was shot about 5.45pm and he has a cold but I think it's mostly frustration


yodaobi said...

Maybe he's saying "MUM I'm not ready!"

or "NO MUM the lighting isn't good enough to show off my cutest side!!!"

Penny said...

"Mum the back legs don't work!" :) :)

He's nearly there! GO Jacob... the kitty's life will never be the same ;) Heh heh.