Thursday, October 05, 2006

Arrggghhh I hate living without internet access. The connection here has been down for over 24 hours and has finally come back up. I've caught up with Mum and Dad on Skype and managed to do a few other things including find the rail timetable for my interview tomorrow. I have to go to Chatswood with is on the North Shore I think, to meet the recruiter. She has a job for me starting on Monday - 4 days a week for 4.5 weeks. Sounds perfectly really.

Everything is working out very well as we have the house I was keen on too. The rent is a bit expensive but it should be ok and best yet they're fine with us having a cat so kitten owners here we come!

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Penny said...

woohoo! Great news then about the house and job! I will require more pictures of course ;)

Got Judy's farewell today - an 80's party hee hee!