Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who's a clever girl then?

I went for an interview today at the Douglas Piper Library at the Royal North Shore Hospital in St Leonards, it was for a two month contract position as a reference librarian and later this afternoon I got the call that they want me to start on Monday.
I'm a bit astounded really, I felt I babbled too much in the interview and I wasn't specific enough but never mind it should be an interesting job, they seem like a good team and it's a nice library.

After Luke got home this evening we went to visit our house. He hadn't seen inside at all (he's a bit trusting really :->) so he had a good look through and I took a couple more photos of the outside this time. I also took some photos of the room at the backpackers so you can see the tiny cage we've been living in.

After the inspection we toddled off down the road to the Italian Forum. Leichhardt is a very Italian area and down a shop-lined lane off Norton St is a big open area surrounded by shops on the upper level and restaurants around the square. There's a fountain with a statue of Dante and the public library among the restaurants. From what I've heard the forum is pumping on the weekend and there's a market on Sundays.
We had dinner at Sapore and very nice it was too and the Italian waiter called me darling :-P

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