Thursday, October 26, 2006

I feel like I've had a limb removed

Not having internet access at home and very limited access at work is driving me crazy. Presently I'm sitting in an internet cafe inside a bookshop at 8pm at night, we haven't had dinner and my very patient husband is reading book while he waits for me.

But it's probably the least of our worries really. Not having any furniture or a fridge is more concerning and as yet there's no sign when Customs might release our stuff.
Sleeping on an airmattress is not fun, eating every meal out is fun but pales after a while and having to take your clothes to a laundry to be washed and wondering if you've got enough panties to last the week is definitely not fun indeed.

As Luke pointed out though these are the stories we'll tell our grandchildren about coming to live in our new country and they will probably wonder at the deprivation of it all.

We are very lucky really, at least we could afford to buy a portable dvd player to keep us occupied at night and there are amazing cafes and restaurant's within walking distance.
On Saturday we visit our kitten, we both are so excited about it we can hardly wait!

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Penny said...

oh dear, oh dear! I hope the customs people hurry up then.

It's strange how one gets so used to having internet - if I can't check my email daily I feel very weird.

How's the work going?