Wednesday, October 04, 2006


it looks like we'll only have to sit a theory test to get our NSW driver's licences, I tried it out online and I failed! There's some odd signs here so seems we need to buy the road code. Did you know if you are a learner driver the max speed you can do on a 110 kmph highway is 80 kmph?

Not doing much today, I had a big day yesterday, did 3 loads of washing while viewing a house, buying shoes, and getting a job interview. That plus the fact I have to walk everywhere made me very tired last night. The job is 4 1/2 weeks sole charge at a mid tier law firm. I'm a bit worried at my lack of experience with Aussie law but it's 4 days a week and pays well so it's worth taking.

We've filled in an application for the house I viewed, it's nice, 3 bedrooms, dishwasher, lots of wardrobe space. Apparently there's already 1 application in so I hope we get it - fingers crossed!

I've published some photos of our weekend on my Shutterfly account - take a look

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Penny said...

oh dear... have to be a girly swot for a while. Luckily it's just the theory tho'.