Sunday, October 08, 2006

oh what a busy day

this Richard Scarry book used to one of my favourite childhood books, you can never find it any more :-(
But we have had a couple of busy days. Saturday we got up early, for me anyway, and visited the growers' market at Pyrmont Bay. It was very interesting, lots of different produce and products such as fresh blood orange juice, butter and marmalade, olive oil, cut flowers including waratahs (NSW's state flower), waygu beef, lots of handmade sausages including goat, and even snails although they didn't have any snails this month, they'd sold out. It's a once a month event and we'll definitely be going next month and will try to turn up earlier than 10.30am. We bought a jar of Japanese sesame sauce which is great on steamed veges or bbq steak.

After the market we returned to our room and dropped off our purchases and in my case changed into sensible shoes. We caught the tram to Lilyfield which is the end of the line then walked to our new house to measure the distance from the tram station. It is a good 20 minute walk unfortunately, we had hoped it was a little closer. I think Luke will continue to take the tram to work but depending where I end up working I might take a bus.
Luke had a look at the outside of our new place, it's apparently still occupied although it's mostly empty it seems and then we walked back up to Norton St to check the local shops. We stopped for a bite at SGB (Sydney Gourmet Burger) then walked back to the tram. For the most part it's a very pretty walk past amazing gardens and a park.

We got got back to our room then decided to go swimming at the local pool. Not sure exactly why as I was exhausted by this point and I'm a poor swimmer but the cool water seemed appealing and we're living in 1 cramped room, there's only so much Devil May Cry 2 being played on the Playstation I can listen to. The pool was nice, it's at the end of Glebe Pt Rd, an outside olympic-sized pool. When we got back I had a nap and we had Turkish kebabs for dinner and watched the new Dr Who.

Sunday we were both awake at 5am, we went to bed too early and in my case had a nap the day before. We went to church at St James on King St at 11am. It was a choral Eucharist which was beautiful but very long and made for little congregation participation. It's rather high church with lots of incense which Luke found irritating to his sinuses but afterwards we both enjoyed meeting some of the congregation and they had wine and cheese as the post-service refreshment. I met 2 librarians and learnt a little more about Sydney.
We then trotted over to the Noodle Bar in the David Jones Food Hall for lunch, bought some fresh pasta by the individual piece for dinner then headed home.
All in all a successful and busy weekend.


Penny said...

all that talk about food... making me green jelly! Will have to organise ourselves to get up to the Albany Farmers Market next month.

Tim has the Biggest Story Book Ever by Scarry. He spends ages looking through it. It's a new one so you must be able to get them somewhere these days... will ask mum where she got it.

Penny said...

forgot to say... love the "networking" opportunities at church LOL!