Monday, October 16, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a house...

We went to the real estate agent's office this morning and signed our lives away for 12 months. Luke then went to work and I went to our new house. I spent the morning checking out which key went with which door and taking photos of our new place. Have a look, I've tried to set it up like a tour so you can see where we'll be living.
Unfortunately we got "lucky" and were chosen by Australian Customs for random inspection so at this stage we won't get our belongings until Tuesday next week. This means we have to buy an airmattress and go camping in our house for a couple of days as our last night here is Saturday.

There's also new photos of our kitten who currently goes by many names. He got nicknamed Mozart by a friend of the breeders although they normally never name their kittens. Luke wants to call him Mayhem and my idea was Bijou. We're waiting until we visit him before we choose a name so he may end up something completely different although it seems likely he will be Mayhem Mozart Cartner at the moment.


Penny said...

Looks like a nice place :-) Great you've got garaging too. Very handy.

Kitty is lovely! I'm sure he'll make your lives very interesting! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your modern new-looking kitchen - living with one where you can't open the mixing bowl cupboard if the dishwasher door is open (owner-designed I do believe), our only ventilation is a roaring window-mounted monster that we are too nervous to use and chipping veneer is eeeeeverywhere. V