Friday, October 06, 2006

whew exhausted!

Had my interview my the recuiter today although the contract position had gone :-(
Nell the recruiter is lovely, she's a kiwi and was extremely helpful we had a long chat about culture shock. I'm keen to do a few temp or contract roles to get my foot in door and pick up some experience.
The interview was in Chatswood on the North Shore so it was an experience to take the train over the Harbour Bridge. Afterwards I wandered around the city and had lunch before catching the monorail and tram back home stopping off at the Fish Market for some prawns for dinner tonight.

Last night I emailed Trilian Cattery about a Siamese kitten. They only have the 1 available - a blue point boy nicknamed Mozart. We discussed it and decided we wanted him so I've emailed the owner back to reserve him hopefully. See his photo, he's just adorable!

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Penny said...

very cute... very, very cute! I've always thought Mozart was an excellent name for a cat! He might get called Mozzie for short ;-)

Bummer about the job but hopefully something will turn up soonish.