Friday, October 13, 2006

it's hot baby!

We got up to 37 degrees today and it was incredible! It's like being on the footpath when a bus goes by and you feel the hot blast of its exhaust pass you by except it doesn't pass by it's just what the air is like outside.

I went for a walk at lunchtime and was very glad to get to the airconditioned mall. I can see why people go shopping or to the movies when it's hot. Apparently it was 15 degrees over the average temperature for October.

I like it though, it's hard to think that 2 months ago I was wearing a thick woolen coat and shivering in the cold.
Here in the city it's green but apparently inland drought situations are bad, a sobering reminder that not everyone enjoys the heat.

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Penny said...

The few times I've been in hot places the strangest thing for me was getting up in the morning and NOT having that morning coolness. Instead it was hot already - somehow that just didn't seem right and threw my internal thermometer right out. :)

Scrapping tonight with the girls...